Wreck And Reef

The wrecks are enigmatic, mysterious and impressive, especially the first time you dive into them, in Cancun wreck and reef dive you can find your self wondering where it came from, who worked on it, which ports visited and why it sank, in this case the wreck was sank on propose to build a dive site, ships quickly become artificial reefs, attracting underwater life and providing new habitat (something in which to grow and shelter) cancun ship wreck is not the exemption, with schools of snappers, eagle rays, turtles, barracudas, Wreck Diving in Cancun is one of the best choices for your dive vacations.

Wreck C-58

The C-58 or the General Anaya shipwreck is one of the most popular cancun scuba diving sites today. The ship was originally named as the USS Harlequin and used as a minesweeper during World War II. In 1980, the Mexican navy decided to intentionally sink this ship for the purpose of creating an artificial reef in Cancun. This wreck is 30 minutes away From our location. In 2005, hurricane Wilma caused the C-58 shipwreck to split into two.

What You Can Expect

The C-58 shipwreck has a depth of 80 feet in the Caribbean waters of Cancun the wreck is the the preferred choice from the advanced divers because of its depth and the current can be challenging, this dive in Cancun offers the best of the coast in the south of the Mayan Riviera.

Divers can do penetration you can enter and explore the inside of the wreck. The diving site is also frequently visited by barracudas, groupers and manta rays, which can make your Cancun Scuba Diving experience truly fascinating and memorable. If you visit during the winter months, you will be able to see other migratory fishes and other marine animals like eagle rays in huge numbers.

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