Discover Scuba Diving Cancun (Beginners Program)

Diving lessons in Cancun, Discover Scuba Diving Cancun program gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of scuba diving under professional direct supervision with out the compromise or demands that a certification course involves.

The Discover Scuba Diving Cancun experience program consist of a two hours theoretical-practical class where you will learn the different parts of the scuba diving gear, the buddy system, underwater communication, procedures to be followed during the descend, as well as bottom time, ascend, surface and emergencies procedures, the theoretical part of the class will take place at Scuba Diving Cancun and right after finishing this, you will move up to the next level, the pool training which are the in water skills or practical part where you will actually simulate a descend, as well as learn the proper breathing underwater technique, removal and replacement of the air source, the mask clearing procedure, and all the skills you will need during your Scuba Diving Cancun beginners program.

Once you finish your theoretical-practical class you will take the boat right from or dock and in just 20 to 25  minutes you will be in one of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean and the world, with an average depth of just 35 feet, there you will feel as you were born to live practicing scuba diving surrounded by a big variety of tropical fish and colorful reefs. And believe me, chances are good that you will find out that you are a natural!

The dive will last approximately 45 minutes and like on the class you will be directly supervised by one of Scuba Diving Cancun instructors, it´s important to keep in mind that your Discover Scuba Diving Cancun experience program can be credited towards a certification course as long as you take it on the same week. This is a plus, of course.

Scuba Diving Cancun ( Beginners Program )


  • All the equipment
  • Taxes
  • Water on the boat
  • Two Reef dives

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Amazing Day

5 5 1
My favorite place to scuba dive in Cancun ! Friendly staff, greats dive-masters and Instructors, comfortable boats and facilities and unforgettable reef dives!!!

“An activity that one does not have the chance to do very often most be done in a way it is worth!!”

5 5 1
The Caribbean Sea is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world, so an experience such as scuba diving should be something to remember and treasure as a wonderful experience. In order to accomplish that one has to make sure to go with real experts, with a company that takes care of every single detail, to be unrelenting with your safety, but at the same time friendly, patient, a company with experience, someone who knows perfectly what they are doing, that is the case of Scuba Diving Cancun.\r\nThe Captain of the ship will explain to you the route, times, wind, current. I’m used to prepare my gear, but the sailor will not let you lift a finger, he will take care of everything for you, and there is a plus that in my opinion makes the huge difference between Scuba Diving Cancun and the rest: The guide we had is a former Park Ranger for the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, so he has a lot of experience, he is more than an expert diver, knows the place like the palm of his hand, he is kind with excellent manners. My wife gets nervous every time just before umping to the see, but some how “Toño” our guide managed to calm her down, give her confidence and we had the best experience.\r\nThe coral reef in Cancun is part of the Mesoamerican Great Barrier, so it is beautiful, full of life, but one has to know it because the current, and the underwater geography can be tricky, so a guide with experience and patience is a factor you cannot dodge.\r\nI have had bad experiences before with dirty air in my tanks and the headaches are so terrible, I don’t wish them even to my worse enemy, so now I am very picky with how clean are the tanks, the compressor to fill them up, I always smell and taste the air from my tank, and I was very happy to confirm everything at SCUBA DIVING CANCUN is very well managed, clean, and taken care.\r\nAlso I have seen guides, who are probably excellent divers, but terrible as guides, and people at the end are scared or just pissed off, and if they are beginners they don’t want anything to do with scuba diving. Fortunately “Toño”, our guide will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and he will make sure you have the best scuba diving experience.\r\nThe prices are very competitive with Cancun, of course you will find some other places cheaper, BUT Scuba Diving Cancun has its own marina, deck, transportation, ship, and so on; it is not just a commission agent like those other companies that advertise as very cheap.\r\nI really recommend this place in every sense.