Cavern Scuba Diving

There are a number of reasons that make Cavern Scuba Diving also known as Cenote Scuba Diving attractive to the diver, and if there is one place in the world that offers the perfect cave diving is the coast of Mexico, a labyrinth of underground streams draining drop by drop to the sea.

The diving conditions are not effected by weather, moderate water temperature [77f], barely discernible current, large caverns and passageways, Amazing underwater visibility, i could keep going but i prefer that you see it by your self, if you are reading this then you should try Cavern Scuba Diving because is one of those activities that will create moment that will last forever.

There are two distinct forms of cenote diving:

  • Cave Diving Swimming into a cave beyond the reach of natural sunlight. ( This diver require Full Cave Certification )
  • Cavern Diving Staying in sight of the entrance of a cave within the realm of natural sunlight, ( This dive only require Open Water Diver Certification)

Cavern Scuba Diving, pick up at 6:30 am return to hotel 3:00 pm


  • All the equipment
  • Taxes
  • Transportation from the marina to the Cavern
  • light meals
  • Water
  • Two dives


Maximum depth: 26 feet.

Visibility: 300 feet+

Water Temperature: 25°C, freshwater.

Cavern History: This two spectacular Gigantic Caverns are laying side by side, Located on the Ejido Jacinto Pat property, these two giant collapses offer a huge passageway, this sistems are amazing for diving, swimming and snorkeling, the water is crystal clear, highly decorated with immense columns, stalactites and stalagmites. Two different dives offered within these two cenotes. The BAT CAVERN is a dreamland of it’s own. Superb snorkeling. A underwater photographer’s paradise. First divers to explored it in 1986.


Cavern Name: CHICKINH HA

Maximum depth: 40 feet.

Average: 18 feet

Visibility: 400 feet+

Water Temperature: 26°C, freshwater

Location: 2.3 kilometers south of Puerto Aventuras on the west side of high way 307 next to the Kantun Chi road entrance

Cavern history: This is a huge collapse area that has been recently transformed in to an attractive privarte area for snorkeling and cavern diving, it has two cenotes involving the and downstream sections of the collapsed area, the downstream pool of water is know as Cavern Chiking Ha, the upstream pool of water is know as Cavern Xtabay, its surround by trees with a great diversity of life giving it a very natural appearance, this cave are part of the cave system PonDeRosa, one of the best places for cave diving in mexico.



Maximum depth: 55 feet.

Average: 27 feet.

Visibility: 300 feet+

Water Temperature: 25°C, freshwater – 26°C, saltwater.

Cavern History: This large collapse Cavern diving area contains jungle and several manicured parts two cavern zones with an easy traverse to a second opening, upstream side is to the left that has a gold permanent tour line, halo-cline layer at 32 feet it has very little decorations, the downstream side has a white permanent tour line, goes in to a huge cavern that easily leads beyond natural daylight, one zone of this cavern is highly decorated.