Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water Diver Course In Cancun This diving certification is more than anything about increasing your skills as a diver doing specialties, from wreck, deep diving, night diving, underwater photography, and many other options you are free to choose 2 of them, the 3 other you’ll have to do are mandatory and part of the course, The advance Open Water Course in Cancun  will last 3 days, once you completed this course can dive up to 130 feet maximum and fully enjoy places like Cozumel.


  • $350 us
  • All the equipment
  • Taxes
  • Water on the boat
  • Six dives ( 5 specialties )
How To Book

Book a diving activity with Scuba Diving Cancun it´s very easy. You just need to use our shopping cart in order to pre-book any of our activities.

  1. Choose an activity you would like to do and add to the shopping cart.
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Refund Policy

We will give you a 100 % refund in the case of the port closed for bad weather, a 100 % if you cancel with 72 hours of anticipation, if you cancel with 36 hours we will give you a 50 % back, and if you decided to cancel with less than 24 hours of anticipation or the same day of the activity we will keep the payment, after buying this tour you agree to this.

Advanced open Water Course photo gallery