Bad Habits in Scuba Diving

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On average, experienced divers have over 300 dives according to Scuba Diving Cancun research. However, very few of these gurus make mistakes that a new diver would take us a rookie move. Here are some of the common bad habits noted in most divers.

Skipping the Buddy Check

For instance, you may ask your friend if he is ready to go diving. Everything may seem fine until you roll off your boat and discover that you forgot your fins, buddy’s tank is loose or something even worse. Forgoing a buddy check is taking a shortcut on safety and hence increases the chances of encountering problems in water.


You can learn more regarding avoiding and solving problems from Rescue Diver courses, but the best thing is to prevent problems before they begin.

Shooting Fish Butts

There are some very expensive cameras used for scuba diving, but an expensive system does not guarantee excellent photos. That is especially when the photographer does not understand underwater photo basics or have not practiced good marine etiquette.

Often, you may encounter seasoned diver with top-of-the-line camera system taking photos straight down over coral heads. Shooting straight down on a subject seems to produce flat and uninteresting images.

You may see a diver literally race from a critter to the other while chasing off the marine life on his way, our dive guides at Scuba Diving Cancun will teach you the right techniques to approach the wild life with out disturbing them and by this way giving you the best shoot, we want fish faces no buts.


Not Wearing the Right Exposure Protection

Every time you show up at a tropical dive spot, you see divers using tons of sun block, Scuba Diving Cancun always recomend to better use a rash guard and avoid any kind of lotion, this lotions are made by oils and other Chemistry that hurt the reef, even when they say they are biodegradable, the oil covers the reef and don’t let him breathe or eat and dies,

Wearing Incorrect Amount of Weight

When teaching buoyancy specialty course, the brick weight is on average the amount you take off a diver’s weight belt. Inexperienced divers often wear additional weight and ultimately get used to carrying them around. However, there is a major limitation because too much weight can cause excess air consumption. Extra weight means that your body must work harder to push through the water, and hence many divers swim continuously to maintain their buoyancy.

All that extra effort drains your tank faster than necessary. Make sure that you review your open water materials for how to carry out a buoyancy check, or consult your instructor about the buoyancy specialty course provided by Scuba Diving Cancun.

Neglecting Gear Service

As a diver, it is illogical to pay half of your month’s salary to go on a dive trip of a lifetime while you have an equipment shortage. When maintained well, dive gear can last for many years. For more information, you can enquire for your local dive center for an Equipment check out.


These were some tips for you in the future, but the one that Scuba Diving Cancun consider more important is to dive safe use a dive computer and never, never dive alone.

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